All Aboard! For the Sunlight Express!

Sunlight Express takes students through a series of lessons to develop a close personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Getting the children who attend VBS on board with Jesus through salvation is an eternal decision that is the most important choice they can make in life. That is the focus of Track 1, Jesus Saves.

However, there’s more. Each boy and girl needs to experience the abundant life after becoming God’s child. Following Jesus as He leads is a life skill that gives security and a purpose worth living for. This is taught on Track 2, Jesus Leads. Trusting Jesus to care for us during difficult times gives freedom from worry and anxiety, the emphasis on Track 3, Jesus Cares.

Knowing for sure that Jesus is alive is a faith builder for young believers taught on Track 4, Jesus Lives. The ultimate truth of Jesus’ return to earth for His children captures the attention of believers of all ages. Children are especially interested in hearing about end-time events. Track 5, Jesus Returns, is sure to fascinate the children in VBS as you share the exciting coming events for God’s children.

World events sometimes make us cringe in fear and apprehension. Then we remember Almighty God is in charge of our personal lives, and fear gives way to confidence that He will care for us no matter what happens.

This VBS course provides scriptural guidance to help young children experience a healthy spiritual growth spurt during the week. Invest your best into their lives. Give enthusiasm, love and guidance to those entrusted to your training.

The extras are part of what makes Bogard Press VBS materials outstanding. Utilize the available resources that optimize the basics.

(Lena Case, writer of the Beginner VBS materials.)