A Word from the Junior Writer

All aboard for a week of exciting adventures as we climb aboard The Sunlight Express. This week we will take a journey that will lead us over Great Gorge, beside Mercy Meadows, around Fearless Falls, through Timeless Tunnel, and, finally, up Sonrise Summit. We will learn important truths about God’s Word as we travel to these different destinations.

While aboard the Sunlight Express, we will be looking at the theme Jesus and Me. Everything Jesus does is because of His love for us. The greatest demonstration of His love was at Calvary. The sinless Lamb of God willingly took our place and died in our stead because of His love. No greater love has ever been shown. Our Theme Verse is “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends,” John 15:13. Jesus willingly laid down His life to purchase salvation for all mankind.

Vacation Bible School is a blessing. As you prepare for the week, one important thing is essential. Prayer! Pray that God will use you to be a blessing to others. Pray for the souls of the children who will be under your influence this week. Pray for the leadership of the Holy Spirit in your life. Pray that God will work in your life through VBS.
As you prepare for your lessons, I want to encourage you to dig into God’s Word. You may know the Bible story and feel comfortable teaching it, but I want to encourage you to study a little more. If you would take the time to search into the Word of God, you would find it full of helpful information. You want to be prepared for any questions that may arise.

You have a great opportunity this week. It is important for you to stress salvation in every lesson. Sadly, statistics show the number of people who accept the Lord decreases as they grow older, so we need to take every opportunity to share Christ this week. Always look for a teachable moment where you can reiterate salvation. Be prepared to share the plan of salvation.

(Darlene Walls, writer of the Junior material for VBS 2012, Sunlight Express)