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The Craft Caboose
Welcome to the Craft Caboose, an important car on the Sunlight Express. You see, the caboose is much more than a cute little red car at the end of a train. The caboose is a car that provides a place to inspect the cargo. It had a desk or table for handling business and was often decorated and made personal on the inside with pictures and posters. What better setting could there be for our craft adventure! Craft time will be an opportunity to reinforce each lesson and create a visual or witnessing tool as a reminder that will go home with the students each day. The students look forward to craft time much like children at one time looked forward to seeing the brakeman waving from the caboose of a train. You will be much like the brakeman with the opportunity to help these students get on the right track—the one that leads to the Lord. Craft time will be fun and exciting for the students, but it will also be a witnessing tool used by God to reach people for His glory.

Living Up to the Name
If you were to research the history of the caboose, you would find that this fascinating little train car was known by many different nicknames. It is quite interesting and appropriate for the Sunlight Express that one of the nicknames for a caboose is “glory wagon.” Everything we do is to be for God’s honor and glory, and the Craft Caboose provides an opportunity to do that. Crafts are not intended to be a project that will keep children busy until the next class. These are teaching tools and an outreach. Craft time provides an occasion to review the day’s lesson. It also allows a chance to dig in a little deeper. Not only are you discussing what the children have learned, you are working on a hands-on reminder of the lesson that they will be able to take home and possibly share with someone else. May we all be ready to reach children for Christ in our words, actions and craft time. May our Craft Caboose be a glory wagon for the Lord!

“For of him, and through him, and to him, are all things: to whom be glory for ever. Amen,” Romans 11:36.

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A Word from the VBS Craft Book Writer

Climb aboard the Sunlight Express! Our journey is about to begin, and what a journey it will be! There is no greater adventure than the voyage that is taking place between Jesus and me. The same personal adventure is awaiting you, as well. Your ticket has been purchased and excitement awaits around each bend.
We will examine five wonderful promises this week beginning with an observation at the Great Gorge. It is deep and wide, but there is a strong unfailing bridge that is able to deliver us safely to the other side. Here, we will focus on the promise of salvation through our Savior, Jesus Christ. From the gorge, we will move to the tranquility of Mercy Meadows. It is a peaceful place where sheep are lead by their loving shepherd, much like Jesus lovingly leads us. The third setting is full of adventure. We will experience the rushing and crashing Fearless Falls where we will be reminded of the promise that Jesus cares. Beyond the falls, the Timeless Tunnel awaits. This will be a great time for us to remember that Jesus is as much alive today as He was before His crucifixion, and He will be alive forevermore. We will end our adventure on the beautiful mountaintop of Sonrise Summit where we will look forward to the promise that Jesus will come again.

The Sunlight Express promises to be an unforgettable, hope-filled adventure made possible by the love of Christ. Jesus’ love for us makes it all possible, from the provision of salvation to the promise of His return. We will never know a greater love than the love of Jesus or experience a greater adventure than our own personal journey with Him.
“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends,” John 15:13

(Angela Crymes, writer of the VBS Craft Book for VBS 2012, Sunlight Express)