Lesson Overviews for the Five Days of VBS

Track 1—Jesus Saves
Can you think of anything in life more important than Jesus saves? As a matter of fact, until a person is saved, there really is nothing important at all. Every other issue in life is moot until a person is saved. A preacher said one time, “If Jesus Christ does not save, then nothing in life matters; if Jesus Christ does save, then nothing else in life matters.” It is our desire to instill in the hearts of these teens the eternal perspective and factual perception concerning the issue of their souls. If they are lost, they are on the top looking down; this life will be as good as it gets for them. However, if they are saved, they are on the bottom looking up; it will only get better from here. I hope and pray that by the end of this lesson each student will understand that absolutely nothing matters in life until he has been saved by the only One who can save him, Jesus Christ.

Track 2—Jesus Leads
Once the salvation of an individual occurs, real things can start happening in his life. The first thing after being saved by the Lord is being led by the Lord. In Psalm 40:2, the psalmist describes his salvation experience, “He brought me up also out of an horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock, and established my goings.” Of course, the first example of one following His leadership is the willingness for the newly saved person to obey His instructions to go into the waters of baptism. I have told my children that I will not always be there to help them through life, but Jesus will. There is no greater lesson that a new Christian can learn than the lesson of learning to follow the leadership of our Lord. If he can learn to follow Jesus, by default there are many lessons that he won’t have to learn. When a young person learns to follow Jesus, he will never have to find his way in life because Jesus will take care of that. The reality is that the entire dynamic changes once one is saved. One no longer has to decide what to do; he now discerns what to do. Jesus gives us the leadership we need and bares the responsibility of that leadership. There is nothing more practical in the life of the believer than the willingness to follow the leadership of the Lord.

Track 3—Jesus Cares
One of the most wonderful truths that we can enjoy in this life is the reality that our Lord is a caring Lord. He cares for the lost; He wants them to be saved. He also cares for the saved and wants them to know it. The fact that Jesus saves deals with our ultimate need, the fact that Jesus leads deals with our practical needs and the fact that Jesus cares deals with our emotional needs. Jesus supplies all of our needs, and
no one needs that fact welded to his heart like a teen. I believe when a person knows that Jesus cares, he is on his way to living a spiritually, emotionally healthy life.

Track 4—Jesus Lives
The full reality of this lesson is often unexplored and unexplained. While we as Christians readily proclaim Christ as the risen Lord with our lips, in our lives He seems to be relegated to the pages of history. We often speak of Him in the past tense. Sometimes we speak of Him as though He is long gone. The fact is that nothing could be further from the truth. I heard once about a little boy who was given the writing assignment of presenting an essay on the greatest man alive. When he got up to read his essay, he announced that he was speaking about Jesus Christ. The world may relegate Him to history, but the Bible teaches us He is a person of the present. He is as alive today as any student sitting in the room. By the end of this lesson, each student will be able to know that Christ is not a person of the past but is real and relevant right now. It is true that He is the Rock of Ages, but it is also true that He could be and should be the “Man of the year” every year.

Track 5—Jesus Returns
My heart jumps every time I think about the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Too often we end the story of Jesus with the resurrection, when in fact that’s when it really begins. Because the Bible is complete doesn’t mean God’s work is. As Noah, Abraham and the prophets of old, we, too, are in eager anticipation of something magnificent and marvelous. In the Old Testament, we look back into history to a time when men were anxiously awaiting the birth of Jesus, and somehow we imagine that to be a time of excitement and joy. The reality is that we are in the same scenario. But this time we are not waiting for Jesus to come. We are waiting for Him to come again. As surely as yesterday’s news, Jesus is going to return for us. We have something to look forward to, and we all know life is much more enjoyable when lived in anticipation of something grand. To what are we looking forward? We are looking forward to seeing Jesus in His glorified flesh. If that isn’t something to look forward to, nothing is.

(Taken from the Teen Teacher’s Manual)