Craft Ideas from the VBS Craft Book

Here is a preview of craft ideas for each lesson.


In the lesson, we see that Jesus is our life saver. He is the only way to experience eternal life. He chose to take our place on Calvary because He loves us so much. Get onboard with Him. His is the only way!




This handprint train is a reminder that Jesus leads His sheep by His loving hand. He will never lead us wrong. In fact, we are guaranteed to stay on track when we follow Him.



The students will be able to draw different fears or cares they may have on this light switch cover, but in the center will be the bold reminder, Jesus Cares. When the lights are out, the words, Jesus Cares, will glow in the dark, reminding the student that he has nothing to fear.






As this popcorn pops to life on the stove, it will serve as a reminder to the student and the parents of Jesus’ ability to conquer death on His own. The popcorn requires an outside source of power to pop to life, but Jesus has the power to conquer all death from within.






The students learned so many wonderful things this week and have experienced sweet moments of learning God’s Word. The things they have experienced are worth sharing. This sweet letter gives the student an opportunity to share what he has learned with someone else and opens the door for sharing more.




The craft book features a variety of crafts for each lesson and for all age-groups. A great resource for VBS.  X85712

5 thoughts on “Craft Ideas from the VBS Craft Book

    • Another VBS company felt that the term SONLIGHT would cause confusion for VBS customers since they (the VBS company) had used the term several years ago, and some of their more recent VBS themes involve the prefix “SON” in place of “SUN.” So, we agreed to promote our SONLIGHT EXPRESS as SUNLIGHT EXPRESS online for the remainder of this VBS season. However, our materials had already been printed, so they will remain as is — SONLIGHT EXPRESS.

  1. I had also noticed the SONLIGHT and SUNLIGHT words and would like to know which way I should advertise? I would really like to use SONLIGHT, Jesus is The Son and The Light, however not looking for conflict! What do you recommend?

  2. This VBS educational material has nothing to do with the “sun” and everything to do with the “SON”. So I personally prefer to use the “SONLIGHT” Express. I have a “G” scale model train I am going to set up in the sauctionary for our VBS. I am going to place a sign on each car to show the five themes. I have some train sounds with large speakers to give some animation. To God be the Glory!!!

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